BlueMall brings the “World Trade Center” brand to the DR

Santo Domingo, DR

BlueMall Santo Domingo announced its expansion and with it the construction of the most ambitious project in the country, which will add the Dominican Republic to the list of more than 91 countries belonging to the World Trade Center (WTC) association. Among them, the most prominent in Latin America are: Mexico City, Panama City, S„o Paulo, Medellín and Lima (cities).

Luxurious Buildings

The World Trade Center (WTC) brand is globally recognized for establishing itself in iconic properties and institutional businesses. Its buildings are the largest, most luxurious and most prestigious in the country.

Being part of WTC is a link that guarantees positioning in the international market, which makes it easier for organizations to integrate into a global networking ecosystem.

World Trade Center Santo Domingo arrives in the country thanks to Grupo Velutini, which marked a before and after in the real estate sector with luxury projects that today enjoy success and a differentiating stamp in the market. Such as: BlueMall Santo Domingo, BlueMall Puntacana, Kuadra Residences, among others. The World Trade Center Santo Domingo project will be a mixed-use complex, made up of what is now BlueMall Santo Domingo, JW Marriott Santo Domingo and Torre Empresarial BlueMall, and new buildings that will be made up of the expansion of BlueMall Santo Domingo; two business towers under the WTC brand and two apartment hotel towers with the names BlueMall Luxury Suites and BlueMall Luxury Residences.

The expansion of BlueMall Santo Domingo will consist of two commercial floors connected to Floor 1 and Floor 2 of BlueMall, together with five floors of continuous underground parking to the existing ones.

In the field of corporate offices, two towers will be built, WTC 1 with 29 levels and a heliport, and WTC 2 with 18 levels. Both towers will be independent and will have main access via Winston Churchill Avenue, with impressive four-height lobbies and a reception with access control, elevators and internal messaging service. Investors may choose to purchase a full level of up to 792 M2 or more conservative spaces from 129 M2 to 293 M2, which will depend on the layout of the floor.

BlueMall Luxury Suites and BlueMall Luxury Residences will be a new concept of aparthotel with independent access and parking on Freddy Prestol Castillo street, which will allow it to form part of the complex and in turn guarantee the privacy of its owners. They will have housekeeping, concierge, maintenance and rental pool services. Both towers will have a double-height boutique lobby, reception, internal courier service, elevators, service lifts, lounge, terrace, bathrooms, and meeting rooms. With designs of one or two rooms with terraces, from 72 M2 to 113 M2 of total area. Each tower will have 23 levels and a Social Area Rooftop level with a terrace, lounge, infinity pool, gym, and multipurpose rooms, among other amenities. The conglomerate of these properties will make up the World Trade Center Santo Domingo complex with a privileged location that will allow it to be in the epicenter of the city.

BlueMall Luxury Suites and BlueMall Luxury Residences will be a new aparthotel concept.

You will have access and independent parking on Freddy Prestol Castillo street.

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